Jiggers2Jiggers. Beakers and Measuring

Start here. Learning to measure is the most important thing you can do to begin improving the taste of your cocktails.

Stirring featureThe Stirred Cocktail

A forgotten art by many, stirring is likely the way you should be mixing the majority of your cocktails. With a little practice you’ll be stirring in no time.

Shaking featureThe Shaken Cocktail

More approachable initially, if your drink contains juices, dairy/eggs, stirring is the way to go. Avoid the urge to shake cocktails better prepared stirred.

Citrus featureThe Citrus Twist

The most popular garnish in cocktails, the citrus twist is a great, yet often misunderstood, way to add flavor to your mixes. This post covers the standard, flamed and spiral twist.

The Smoked Cocktail 2The Smoked Cocktail

From adding smokey spirits, to charcoal aging, to actually smoking your cocktails, this post will give you some ideas for adding smoke to your mixes.