-Base Spirits-


One of the most popular spirits, whiskey is made from fermented and distilled grains. Start here to learn a few basics before diving into the types of whiskey.

Rye FeatureRye

Spicier and dryer than bourbon, rye is the most commonly whiskey used in classic whiskey cocktails. Essential for an Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

Bourbon Tasting featureBourbon

A sweeter whiskey, Bourbon has become exponentially more popular in recent years. Of course it is also frequently used in classics.

Redbreast 12yr featureIrish Whiskey

Typically triple distilled, Irish whiskey is often lighter and smoother than other whiskeys and makes a great addition to cocktails.

WhiskeyWhiskey in Cocktails

A few recommendations of whiskeys that are great for mixing as well as sipping without breaking the bank. You can’t go wrong with any of these.


Amaro Averna featureAmaro Averna

A smooth amaro with a hint of caramel and light bitter finish, Averna also makes a great introduction to the world of Amari.

Aperol featureAperol

Bright orange in color, Aperol has a light, sweet, and slightly bitter citrus flavor that is as refreshing as it looks. Try an Aperol Spritz.

Calisaya featureCalisaya

A classic liqueur, recently revived in the US, Calisaya has a cool history intertwined with Malaria, as well as a great herbal and bittersweet orange flavor.

Campari featureCampari

The classic bitter orange apertif, Campari is essential for Negronis and Americanos, and also tastes great neat. If given the chance is sure to become a favorite ingredient.

Cynar1 featureCynar

Made from multiple herbs and plants, including its namesake, Artichoke, Cynar is an approachable bitter amaro that is quite versatile.

Fernet featureFernet-Branca

A complex bitter amaro with what some would describe as minty finish. This one is full of mysteries, from the recipe to its reported health benefits and hangover cures.


Creme de Violette featureCrème de Violette

A purely violet flavored liqueur, Crème de Violette is what you are looking for to make a classic Aviation. It also comes in handy for some other classics and new originals.

Creme Yvette featureCrème Yvette

Berries and Violets are the main ingredient in this recently revived classic. Often misused for Crème de Violette, Crème Yvette has a flavor (and color) all its own.

Domaine de Canton featureDomaine de Canton

A revived ginger liqueur pared with Cognac, Domaine de Canton tempers the spice of ginger with sweetness, making for an excellent addition to cocktails.

St. Germain featureSt. Germain

The worlds first elderflower liqueur, St. Germain has become an indispensable ingredient, that works well in classics and new originals.

Strega featureStrega

Italian for “witch,” this old school herbal liqueur has accents of saffron, mint and juniper. Learn more about its unique history.