Pre-prohibition cocktails and modern twists on classics

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel


1.5oz Hendrick’s Gin

1oz Cocchi Americano

1oz Aperol

.5oz Domaine de Canton

5 drops Bittermens Hopped Grapefruit Bitters

Lemon Twist

Add the gin, Cocchi Americano, Aperol, Domaine de Canton and bitters to a chilled mixing glass. Add ice and stir until well chilled. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon twist.
Light botanicals, citrus, hops and ginger on the nose. Sweet citrus upfront, then the complexity builds, with accents of hops, notes of bitters and mild ginger. The finish is light and highlighted by the gin and Aperol. Overall, very light and refreshing.

Guardian Angel 2


Another Archangel-esque cocktail (see Seraphim for recipe), this one also tastes a bit like the Summer (or other whitish) Negroni. The inspiration behind Guardian Angel was to come up with something similar to the Seraphim (or an Archangel), but without the cucumber. Again out of St. Germain, I tried Domaine de Canton and really enjoyed it with the hint of ginger.
Lillet also works great in this one (in place of Cocchi Americano) and brings tangerine notes as well as a little more body to the mix.

7 Responses to “Guardian Angel”

  1. Raul from DeathtoSourMix

    Your photography is very different in some drinks. That one at the top is my all-time favorite of yours and looks like a DSLR shot. What do you use to shoot and edit?

    • The Straight Up

      Thanks again! That one turned out really well.

      I only have a few places in my apartment that have decent natural light, so some of the shots have ended up better than others. Many of the pictures I’ve taken after dark (and seeing as I started this site in December, that makes most of them) have been “ok,” but I am hoping as time goes by I will be able to replace some of the really bad ones (You should have seen my first Manhattan picture…..I cringe). I actually have a backlog of drinks, some of which are delayed due to horrible pictures.

      I’m also a total amateur. All of the pictures were taken on my iPhone. Some are just cropped, others edited with Instagram as you suspected and/or a smattering of other programs from time to time. Really depends on how good they turn out initially. I would love to get a DSLR and actually learn how to use it.

      How bout you? Your pics always look incredible.

      • Raul from DeathtoSourMix

        thanks. My fiancé takes some of the nicer shots but I’m a total photo shoot nazi which must make it tons of fun for her. All the photos on my site are taken with a Canon DSLR with a pancake lens (if you ever do pick one up, I highly advise this type of lens as it’s fantastic for cocktail photography aka cock-shots) edited in photoshop.
        My instagram is all iphone5 stuff edited in snapseed and iG.
        a year from now, I dont know what i’ll be using. Just figuring stuff as I go.
        but as you’ve discovered, natural sun light is key. I’ll look forward to your posts in the coming weather.

  2. The Straight Up

    Nice. I take most of the pics, but my wife helps sometimes, whether ideas, or photographing. Mostly I just keep her from trying her drink while I’m busy snapping shots of it. Sounds like you have a good setup and it shows.

    The best is to play it by ear. I figure if I get something better, I can always retake the pics. I’ve been thinking of at least trying to get Photoshop. Need to find a sweet discount somewhere.


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