Pre-prohibition cocktails and modern twists on classics

Eldertreuse Spritz

Eldertreuse Spritz


.75oz St. Germain

.25oz Green Chartreuse

1oz Prosecco

1oz Seltzer

Lemon Twist


Add the St. Germain and Green Chartreuse to a chilled rocks glass. Add ice and give a quick stir. Top with Seltzer and Prosecco and give one more quick stir. Garnish with a lemon twist. Alternatively, you could float the Green Chartreuse on top after assembling the other ingredients.


Elderflower and lemon fresh nose. You already get the sense this is going to be incredibly light and refreshing. Lightly carbonated thanks to the prosecco and club soda, the Elderflower flavor of St. Germain is complimented by the herbaceous Green Chartreuse which also adds just a hint of anise flavor. A splash of sweetness toward the end, just before the effervescent bubbles take over at the finish.

Eldertreuse Spritz 2


To make an Elderflower Spritz, just leave out the Chartreuse and use 1oz of St. Germain.

I enjoy the Elderflower Spritz quite a bit but was hoping to add a little more “oomph” to it. Call it complexity or whatever, but I wanted a little more flavor out of it. Green Chartreuse seemed like a natural choice. I had prevously made a Chartreuse Spritz, which I also enjoy quite a bit, so combining the two sounded like it would work.

In order to not completely overpower the St. Germain, I kept it the dominant ingredient, replacing just a small amount with Chartreuse. The result is a really tasty hint of Chartreuse complimenting the sweet elderflower flavor.


Try an Elderflower Spritz with just 1oz of St. Germain and leave out the Chartreuse. A Chartreuse Spritz is also really good. Stay tuned for more Spritz ideas.

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