Pre-prohibition cocktails and modern twists on classics

A Gentleman’s Friend

A Gentleman's Friend


1oz Gin

1oz Gran Classico

1oz Cynar

1 dropper Urban Moonshine Maple Bitters

Flamed Orange Twist


Add the gin, Gran Classico, Cynar and maple bitters to a chilled mixing glass. Add ice and stir until mildly chilled. Strain into a chilled double old fashioned glass over a large cube. Garnish with a flamed orange twist.


Rhubarb, citrus and botanicals on the nose. It’s all dry gin and botanicals upfront, then the Gran Classico and sweetness of the Cynar take hold. Accents of maple, flowers and ginger thanks to the bitters. This one drys out at the end with a lingering quinine laced bitter finish.

A Gentleman's Friend 2


Read more about my comparison of Bitter Orange Spirits here.

I created this at the same time I made the Eloquent Gentleman. Again these are a few variations I created to work Gran Classico in to classics but tone down the sweetness a hair. I love Gran Classico neat and in completely new creations, but find its addition to classics to make them just a bit too sweet. That is where the Cynar in place of vermouth comes into play. Drier and lighter then Eloquent Gentleman, the gin pairs nicely with the sweetness of the Gran Classico, making for a delicious, yet slightly less bitter Negroni variation. The Cynar adds a little more bitter to the finish, while the extra Maple bitters really dries this one out.

I normally would just post this under the Eloquent Gentleman as a variation, but it was so good, I felt it deserved it’s own post. I would recommend trying both versions. Between the two you are sure to fall in love with one or likely both.


Try Negroni, Scorched Earth and of course Eloquent Gentleman.

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