Pre-prohibition cocktails and modern twists on classics

Amaro Digestivo

Amaro Digestivo


Equal parts (scale to desired size):

Averna Amaro



Fernet Branca



Add all spirits to a small glass. Drink.


This one is for those nights when you overindulge at dinner and are looking for a digestif that is so much more than one of it’s parts. It’s simple (if you happen to have a few amaros/digistivos) and doesn’t involve any stirring, chilling or twisting to enjoy. It came about as you would likely imagine: After one night of eating a bit too much at dinner, looking at the bar and thinking, “Any of these could be good on their own as a digestif, but what if I were to mix them all?” The intense saffron induced minty taste of the Fernet couples well with the saffron flavor and herbality of the Strega. The Averna and Cynar give the drink a smooth caramel laced base with which the herbal notes in the ingredients can interweave into a complex bitter bouquet of flavors. The Campari aids the earthy bitterness and adds a hint of orange. Bottom line, this one is obviously herbal and bitter as are many individual digistifs. If you like anyone of these and are looking for a change of pace or flavor, you will likely enjoy the combination as they all combine well into a sort of mega amaro.


While this one features all italian spirits, again endless possibilities here. You could substitute or add almost any amaro or other bitter spirit.

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    […] adding to your collection. Check out my Osakan Summer for a whiskey sourish drink with Strega or Amaro Digestivo for a delicious after dinner treat. Strega also makes a great substation for other herbal liqueurs, […]


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